Managing Payroll Corrections

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At Atto, we understand that managing payroll can sometimes lead to errors or the need for adjustments. Here's how to handle payroll corrections and amendments efficiently:

Four Common Reasons for Corrections:

  1. Employee Overpayment:

    • Current Quarter: Overpayments in the current quarter are often resolved in upcoming payrolls or through voids.

    • Previous Quarter: For past-quarter overpayments, a void and amendment are necessary.

  2. Employee Underpayment:

    • Current Quarter: Underpayments in the current quarter can be corrected in future payrolls or via off-cycle payments.

    • Previous Quarter: Prior-quarter underpayments require corrections and amendments.

  3. Employee Taxed in the Wrong State:

    • Current Quarter: Taxation errors within the current quarter need a void and payroll reissue.

    • Previous Quarter: Previous-quarter errors demand a void/correction and amendment.

  4. Informational Updates:

    • Current Quarter: Most informational changes can be directly updated in the current quarter, but some may require communication with agencies.

    • Previous Quarter: Changes in prior quarters typically need amendments.

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