Team Member Forgot to Clock Out? Here's What Happens

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When a team member forgets to clock out at the end of their shift, their timecard timer will continue to run until they either clock out or an admin or manager manually clocks them out.

Night Shift Tracking

If a team member's timer runs through midnight, your account's settings will determine how their time entry is handled:

  • Automatic Split: If your account is configured for automatic time entry splitting, Atto will automatically split the time entry at midnight, placing the hours after midnight into a separate time entry for the following day.
  • Carryover: If your account is configured for time entry carryover, all hours worked, including those after midnight, will be counted towards the start day of the time entry.

For more information on night shift tracking settings, refer to this article: Night Shift Tracking Options

Editing Time Entries

If a team member fails to clock out or their timecard is incorrect due to any other reason, administrators and managers can manually edit the timecard to ensure accuracy. For detailed instructions on editing timecard, refer to this help center article: How to Edit Timecards

Preventing Clock Out Oversights

To minimize the occurrence of team members forgetting to clock out, consider implementing the following measures:

  • Employee Reminder Notifications: Establish company policies and procedures that encourage team members to clock out promptly. Users can also utilize reminder notifications to alert them about upcoming clock-out times. For detailed instructions on setting reminders, refer to this help center article: Setting Up Clock In/Out Reminders
  • Supervisory Oversight: Encourage supervisors to monitor team activity for members' time tracking habits and address any recurring issues promptly. More on this topic, refer to the following help center article: Real-Time Team Member Location Tracking

By implementing these preventive measures, you can ensure that time tracking remains accurate and consistent across your team.

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