How to Add Time Off Hours

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Atto's time off tracking feature simplifies managing and overseeing team member absences, essential for accurate payroll and maintaining clear team availability records. Here's how to utilize this feature for various time off types, including PTO, sick leave, and personal leave.

Efficiently Adding Time Off Entries:

  1. Navigate to Time Off: Go to the “Reports” tab, then select “Time Off” for an overview of paid and unpaid time off hours.

  2. Choose a Team Member: From the list, select the individual taking time off.

  3. Initiate Time Off Entry:

    • On mobile, tap the “+” button at the top right corner.

    • On the web, choose “+ Add New Entry.”

  4. Specify Time Off Details: Pick "Time Off" from the Type field, then:

    • Enter the date and specify if it's all-day or part-time off.

    • Add hours or start and end times.

    • Choose a time off code.

    • Optionally, add notes for context.

  5. Confirm the Entry: On mobile, tap 'Add Time Off'; on the web, click “Add Entry.”

Additional Features for Comprehensive Tracking:

  • Time Off Codes: Customize and apply various codes to categorize different absence types effectively. For setting up time off codes, explore Setting Time Off Codes.

Important Considerations:

  • Editing Timecards: Be mindful not to overlap time off entries with existing timecards to maintain accurate records.

  • Full Permissions: Account owners have complete authority over time off entries, enhancing control over manual time adjustments. For permissions details, see Manual Entries Permissions.

By leveraging Atto's time off tracking, you ensure that team absences are managed efficiently, promoting a balanced work environment, ensuring operational efficiency, and supporting informed staffing decisions.

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