Requirements for Payroll Processing

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Before you start processing payroll with Atto, make sure you've got these requirements in place:

  1. Fully Onboarded Employees: To process payroll, you need at least one employee who has completed all necessary paperwork. This typically includes the completion of forms like the W-4, ensuring you have all the required tax information. Here is a help center article to help you with onboarding your team: Adding and Removing Team Members

  2. Set Hourly Pay Rates: It's important to have the hourly pay rate for each employee configured in Atto. This information is crucial for calculating the employee's gross pay accurately. In this help center article you can find the necessary information: Adding Pay Rates for Team Members

  3. Accurate Work Hours: Ensure that your employees have recorded their work hours in the timesheets for the specific pay period you're processing. This data is essential for tracking hours worked and calculating overtime, if applicable. Here’s how to check your team members timesheet: Viewing a Team Member’s Timesheet Report

By having these three fundamental requirements met, you'll be well-prepared to smoothly and accurately process payroll with Atto.

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