Setting Time Off Codes

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Effectively managing time off codes is crucial for maintaining accurate records of employee absences and ensuring compliance with company policies. Atto's user-friendly interface simplifies the process of adding and managing time off codes, empowering you to tailor your account to your specific needs.

Default Time Off Codes

Atto provides a set of default time off codes, including Vacation, Sick Time, and Personal Leave, to cater to common types of absences. These codes are automatically included in your account and can be utilized directly by your employees.

Adding a New Time Off Code:

  1. Go to Settings > Time Off Preferences.
  2. Click on "Add Time Off Code."
  3. Enter a name for the new time off code.
  4. Under Type, select whether the time off code is Paid or Unpaid.
  5. Click on "Add Time Off Code" to save.

Refer to this help center article for more information on how to add Time Off hours in timesheets: How to Add Time Off Hours (Paid & Unpaid)

Benefits of Customizing Time Off Codes

Customizing time off codes offers several advantages:

  • Tailored to Specific Needs: You can create time off codes that align with your company's unique policies and absence types.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Custom time off codes facilitate more comprehensive reporting, providing insights into specific types of absences.
  • Improved Accuracy: Clear and descriptive time off codes minimize the risk of misclassification of absences.

By effectively managing time off codes, you can ensure accurate tracking of employee absences, streamline payroll processing, and gain valuable insights into workforce utilization. If you encounter any challenges or require further assistance with time off codes, feel free to reach out to the Atto support team for guidance.

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