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Welcome aboard! As a new Atto user, this guide will help you navigate the app, ensuring a smooth start to managing your work hours. Let's dive into your first steps and explore the functionalities Atto offers:

Step 1: Accepting Your Invite and Creating Your Account

Joining Atto is a breeze whether you have an email invitation or a direct invite link from your admin.

Receiving and Accepting Your Invite:

  • Email Invitation: Check your inbox for an invitation from your organization. You'll find a 'Create Account' button in this email – a gateway to your Atto journey.

  • Direct Invite Link: Alternatively, your admin may send you a direct link to join Atto. Just a click on this link, and you're ready to start the sign-up process.

Signing Up and Activating Your Account:

  • Using the Email Invitation: Clicking on 'Create Account' takes you to the signup page. Enter your full name and pick a password to set up your new account.

  • Via Direct Invite Link: If you've got a direct link, it leads you straight to the signup page. After filling in your full name and selecting a password, check your email for a confirmation message from Atto. Clicking the link in this email will activate your account and complete your signup process.

  • Download the Mobile App: For convenience, download the Atto mobile app on your device. It's available for both iOS and Android, offering you easier access to all features on the go.

Step 2: Navigating the Atto App

Time Clock: Your Key to Easy Clocking In and Out

The Time Clock is the heart of time management in Atto. Designed for simplicity, it allows you to accurately track your work hours with just a tap of a button. Tap 'Clock In/Out' at the start or end of your shift. It's crucial to have location permissions enabled as per your admin's requirements for accurate clock-in.

Things to Note:

  • Location Permissions: Make sure your phone's location services are turned on for hassle-free clocking.

  • Clock In Restrictions: Your admin might set job site-based clocking in. You’ll need to be within the designated site to clock in.

    • Add Notes: You can add detailed textual notes and, additionally, attach images to your time entries for a more comprehensive record.

      Adding Textual Notes:

      • Tap “Add Notes” below the clock out button.

      • Enter your notes in the provided space and tap “Add Notes” to save.

      • Note: Only one note update is allowed per time entry.

      Attaching Images:

      • Use the image icon in the 'Add Notes' section to attach up to 5 images per time card from your device.

      • These images can provide visual evidence or extra context, enriching the information in your time entries.

    • Take Break: To add break hours to your time entry while on the clock

      • Tap “Take Break” below the clock out button.

      • If prompted, choose a break type. Your status will change to “On Break”, and the work timer pauses.

      • To end your break and resume work, tap “End Break”. The work timer will continue.

      • Note: Depending on your organization's settings, the break options may vary. If your admin has enabled "Automatic Break," the manual "Take Break" button will be disabled. Alternatively, if a "Custom Break Rule" is set, you'll be prompted to choose a specific break type when initiating a break.

    • Job Codes: If applicable, choose the relevant job code when clocking in. This helps in categorizing your hours for different tasks or projects. To track hours for a specific job or switch between jobs:

      • Tap “Start Job” or “Switch Job”.

      • Choose a job code and tap to start or end the job.

      • Note: The job automatically ends when you clock out.

    Reports: Exploring Your Work Data

    The Reports tab is your gateway to viewing and understanding your work, pay, travel, and leave details within Atto. It’s designed to provide transparency and foster trust between you and your employer.


    • Timesheet Details: Offers a complete overview of your hours worked, breaking down regular hours, overtime, paid and unpaid breaks, and time off.
    • Work Hours: Displays a log of all your clock-ins and clock-outs for full transparency.
    • Timeline View: Gives a detailed day-by-day view of your work hours for in-depth tracking.


    • Payroll Details: Summarizes your estimated pay based on your work hours, including breakdowns of regular hours, paid breaks, and paid time off.
    • Work Hours: Shows day-by-day pay details to help you understand your earnings.
    • Pay Period Views: Allows filtering by pay period for focused insights into your compensation.


    • Mileage Details: Provides insights into your travel, with detailed breakdowns for easy tracking.
    • Drives: Lists each journey with start and end points, route, and duration.
    • Mileage Reimbursements: Calculates reimbursements based on your employer’s mileage rate.
    • Expense Tracking: Lets you record and view travel-related expenses, including tolls and parking fees.

    Job Codes

    • Job Code Details: Displays time spent on each project or task, helping you see where your efforts are focused.

    • Work Distribution: Helps you see where you’re spending your time across various tasks.

    • Productivity Insights: Understand your efficiency and where you might improve.

    Time Off

    • Paid Time Off: Tracks your paid leave and the compensation for these periods.

    • Unpaid Time Off: Monitors hours taken as unpaid leave.

    • Time Off Hours: Provides a comprehensive view of individual leave entries for meticulous management.

    Adding Manual Entries:

    Note: Manual entry adding/editing needs permission from your admin/manager.

    Chat: Connect with Your Team Effortlessly

    Atto's Chat is all about making communication with your teammates straightforward and professional, all within the app.

    Chatting Made Simple: Need to discuss something with a colleague? Just drop them a message in Atto Chat. It's the perfect place for quick questions or sharing updates, and you won't need to share personal contact details.

    Settings: Make Atto Work for You

    In Settings, you can fine-tune Atto to fit your work style. Whether it's updating your profile or setting up reminders, this is where you can personalize your Atto experience.

    Customizing Your Account: Make sure your profile details are up-to-date and set up notifications that make sense for your workday. Want a reminder to clock out at the end of the day? You can set that up here.

    • Profile & Password: Manage your personal information, including name, email, and password. Update details and passwords as needed.

    • Notifications & Reminders: Personalize your alerts to ensure you're reminded of important time-tracking events, tailored to your work habits and schedule. This feature allows you to set specific reminders for clocking in and out, as well as receiving notifications for extended work hours, helping you manage your time more efficiently.

      1. Notification Settings:

        • Clocked In for 12 Hours: Get notified if you've been working for 12 straight hours.

        • Clocked In for 24 Hours: Receive an alert after 24 continuous hours of work.

      2. Reminder Options:

        • Clock In Reminder: Set a specific time to be reminded to start your workday.

        • Clock Out Reminder: Choose a time to get a reminder to end your workday.

        • Job Site Entry/Exit: Activate reminders for when you enter or leave a job site.

      3. Days Selection:

        • Choose the days you wish to receive these reminders, aligning with your work schedule.

    • Help and Support: Access the Help Center for articles or contact us through 'Feedback & Support' for any assistance.

    Step 3: Best Practices for Atto Use

    • Accurate Time Tracking for Fair Pay: Consistency in clocking in and out is key. This ensures that your work hours are accurately recorded, leading to precise payroll calculations. Proper tracking not only benefits you in terms of fair compensation but also provides valuable insights into your productivity and work habits.

    • Effective Communication Within the App: Leverage Atto's chat feature for seamless communication with your team. This built-in functionality keeps your work-related conversations organized and accessible. For any queries or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to your manager or Atto’s support team. Open communication is vital for resolving issues promptly and enhancing teamwork.

    • Embrace the Full Potential of Atto: Make the most of Atto's features, like job codes and timesheets, for a comprehensive overview of your work. Utilizing these tools not only streamlines your day-to-day tasks but also contributes to a transparent and efficient work environment. Your proactive engagement with the app will be recognized, reflecting positively on your professional commitment.

    • Stay Updated with the Latest Version: Regularly update Atto to enjoy improved performance and new functionalities. These updates are crucial for maintaining a smooth and efficient user experience.

    Congratulations on starting your journey with Atto. Here's to efficient and accurate time management at work!

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