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Welcome Aboard! As a manager using Atto, you play a crucial role in overseeing your team's work and ensuring productivity. This guide is tailored to help you understand and utilize Atto's features effectively.

Accepting Your Invite and Creating Your Account

Joining Atto is a breeze whether you have an email invitation or a direct invite link from your admin.

Receiving and Accepting Your Invite:

  • Email Invitation: Check your inbox for an invitation from your organization. You'll find a 'Create Account' button in this email – a gateway to your Atto journey.

  • Direct Invite Link: Alternatively, your admin may send you a direct link to join Atto. Just a click on this link, and you're ready to start the sign-up process.

Signing Up and Activating Your Account:

  • Using the Email Invitation: Clicking on 'Create Account' takes you to the signup page. Enter your full name and pick a password to set up your new account.

  • Via Direct Invite Link: If you've got a direct link, it leads you straight to the signup page. After filling in your full name and selecting a password, check your email for a confirmation message from Atto. Clicking the link in this email will activate your account and complete your signup process.

  • Download the Mobile App: To enhance accessibility, download the Atto mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

Navigating the Atto App

A central dashboard, offering a real-time overview of your team's activities. This section is vital for managers to:

  • Monitor Real-Time Activities: Keep track of team members' clock-in and clock-out statuses, gaining immediate insights into their work activities.

  • Observe Break Statuses: Quickly view which team members are on a break, aiding in real-time workforce management.

Key Functionalities

  1. Search: Easily find specific team members by name, essential for large teams.

  2. Sync: Update the Team Activity data manually to ensure you're viewing the most current information.

  3. Filter: Apply filters to refine the displayed information by activity type or member status for efficient data analysis.

  4. Status: Instantly see each member's current activity status, including whether they are clocked in, on a break, or not active, for effective real-time decision-making.

  5. Add New Members: Expand your team by inviting new members via email or using an invite link.

Manual Clock In/Out: Managerial Control

Managers can clock in or out on behalf of team members, providing flexibility and accuracy in time tracking. This feature is crucial for:

  • Adjust Time Records: Quickly correct clock-in/out times for accuracy.

  • Assist Employees: Help team members with clocking issues.

  • Manage Attendance: Swiftly resolve attendance discrepancies.


  1. Choose a team member from the list.

  2. Click "Clock In" or "Clock Out" as needed.


Atto Chat is a built-in messaging tool that helps your team collaborate more effectively. It allows for easy communication, whether it’s quick questions, project updates, or group discussions.

Time Clock

Clock In and Out: Keep track of your own working hours and breaks. This feature is essential for maintaining your own time records accurately.


Atto's Reports Tab is a powerful tool for managing your team's work efficiently. Here's a concise overview:

Timesheet: Keep track of individual or team work hours, including overtime and breaks. Perfect for understanding work patterns and ensuring accurate payroll.

Pay: Get detailed insights into payroll with info on estimated pay, work hours, and rate adjustments. This simplifies payroll calculations and improves financial planning.

Miles: Analyze total miles driven and associated costs for precise reimbursements. Essential for managing travel expenses and optimizing budget allocations.

Job Codes: Review the time spent on different tasks or projects for better resource allocation and cost management.

Time Off: Monitor both paid and unpaid leave, providing a comprehensive view of team availability and leave costs.



  • Profile & Password: Update your personal information and manage your password. Regular updates here ensure security and accuracy in your account.

  • Notifications & Reminders: Customize notifications for various events. This includes setting reminders for clock-ins/outs, job site visits, and being alerted about team members' activities.

  • Manage Team: As a manager, you have the authority to add or remove users with an Employee role, allowing you to effectively manage your team's composition.

  • Invite New Members: Expand your team effortlessly:

    • Access the "Invite New Members" option in your dashboard.

    • Input the email addresses of potential team members, assign roles, and click "Send Invites".

    • Utilize 'Add another member' for sending multiple invites at once.

    • Recipients will receive an email with instructions and a link to join your team on Atto.

    • You can manage these new members and monitor their setup process within the "Manage Team" section.

    • Manage invite links by deactivating old ones and generating new ones as required.

Help and Support

  • Access to Assistance: Utilize the Help Center for quick solutions to common issues or reach out to the support team for more personalized assistance.

Best Practices for Atto Use

  • Regular Updates: Keep the app updated for the best experience.

  • Accuracy in Tracking: Ensure consistency in clocking in/out and job code selection.

  • Effective Communication: Stay in touch with your team and reach out to Atto's support for any queries.

With Atto, as a manager, you're equipped with comprehensive tools for team oversight and time management. The intuitive interface and robust features facilitate organized and smooth team operations.

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