Taking a Break While on the Clock

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Atto makes it easy to manage your breaks with its intuitive interface. Follow these steps to take and end a break while on the clock:

Taking a Break

  1. Go to the Time Clock section.
  2. Click the "Take Break" button.
  3. If your account administrator has enabled a Custom Break Rule, you will be prompted to select the appropriate break type.
  4. Once you've initiated the break, your status will change to "On Break," and a break timer will begin counting. 

Ending a Break

  1. Go to the Time Clock
  2. Click "End Break" button.
  3. Your time entry timer will automatically resume tracking your work hours, and your status will revert to "On the Clock."

Important Notes:

  • If the "Automatic Break'' feature is enabled for your account, the "Take Break" button will not be visible. This means your breaks are automatically recorded based on pre-configured settings.
  • For more information about the "Automatic Break" option, please refer to the designated help center article: Automating Break Time Deductions

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