How to Edit Existing Time Cards

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Atto's timecard editing feature allows you to make necessary modifications to existing time cards. This feature is particularly useful for correcting mistakes, adjusting clock-in or clock-out times, or updating job codes and notes associated with a timecard.

Editing an Existing Time Card:

  1. Go to Reports and select Timesheets
  2. Select a member from the Team list
  3. Select the day from Work Hours with the time card you wish to edit
  4. In the Timeline, tap on the pen button
  5. Edit any of the existing entries
  6. Once you’ve made the edits, tap on “Save Changes”

Important Considerations

  • When editing an existing time card, ensure that the modified clock-in and clock-out times do not overlap with another time card for the same day. For more information on Timecard overlap, refer to this help center article: Understanding Time Card Entry Overlaps
  • You cannot edit time cards that are currently active, meaning the team member is still clocked in for that time period. Once the team member clocks out, the time cards becomes editable again.

Benefits of Editing Time Entries

Editing time cards offers several advantages:

  • Error Correction: It allows you to rectify mistakes or inaccuracies in time records, ensuring the accuracy of work hour data.
  • Adjustment Flexibility: It provides the flexibility to adjust clock-in or clock-out times if necessary, accommodating situations where team members were unable to clock in or out electronically.

By leveraging Atto's intuitive time card editing feature, you can maintain accurate work hour data, promote transparency within your team, and facilitate efficient payroll processing.

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