How to Add Time Cards Manually

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Adding new time cards in Atto is straightforward, ensuring that every work hour is accurately recorded. This updated method simplifies the process, whether it's for missed clock-ins, adjustments, or logging time off.

How to Add a New Time Card:

  1. Navigate to Timesheets: Open the “Reports” tab and select “Timesheets.”

  2. Choose a Team Member: Pick the team member for whom you're adding a time card.

  3. Start Adding the Time Entry:

    • On mobile, hit the “+” button at the top right corner.

    • On the web, select “+ Add New Entry.”

  4. Fill in the Details:

    • Select “Add Time Card” from the dropdown.

    • Input date and clock in/out times under the Work Hours section. Use 'Repeats' for applying the same entry across multiple dates.

    • Add job code or hours in the Job Codes section.

    • Include any notes, with the option to attach images, in the Notes Section.

  5. Finalize Your Entry: Tap “Add Time Card” to save the new timecard.

Additional Considerations:

  • No Future Clock-Outs: You cannot add a time card with a clock-out time after your current time.

  • Account Owner Privileges: Only the account owner has unrestricted access to modify time cards. For detailed guidelines on manual entry permissions, see Manual Entries Permissions.

  • Accuracy and Consistency: Prioritize the reliability and uniformity of manually added time cards to maintain data integrity.

These provisions ensure that manual time card entries in Atto not only address immediate needs but also uphold the system's integrity, allowing for precise record-keeping and effective time management.

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