Understanding Atto's Company Review Process

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During the onboarding process, Atto conducts a thorough Company Review to assess each company's creditworthiness and legitimacy. This critical step is essential for mitigating financial risk and determining the appropriate payroll processing timeline for your company.

Purpose of the Company Review Process

Atto's Company Review process aims to evaluate the financial stability and operational legitimacy of companies before granting them access to payroll services. Based on the review, Atto will determine the processing timelines for the company:

  • Approved for 4-Day Processing: Standard processing time, granted to companies that meet the necessary requirements without any significant issues.
  • Not Approved to Run Payroll: This decision is made if there are concerns regarding the company's stability or legitimacy that could pose financial risks.

Required Information for the Review

To conduct a thorough review, Atto requires the following information from each company:

  • Business Legal Name: The registered name of your business.
  • FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number): Your business's unique tax identification number.
  • Business Address: The principal place of business.
  • Business Phone Number: A valid contact number.
  • Signatory Object: Information about the authorized signatory for the company.
  • Industry Type: The sector your business operates in.
  • Employee and Contractor Counts: Number of employees and contractors working for the company.

Atto is committed to ensuring the safety and reliability of its payroll processing services through a Company Review process. By understanding and preparing for this review, your company can ensure a smoother onboarding experience and potentially benefit from faster payroll processing options.

For more assistance or detailed guidance on preparing for the Company Review, please contact Atto's support team or visit our Help Center.

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