Historical Payroll Audit

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The Historical Payroll Audit is designed to instill confidence into our customers regarding the accuracy and completeness of their migrated payroll data from previous providers into their new payroll system with Atto.

What is Atto’s Historical Payroll Audit?

Atto's Historical Payroll Audit serves as a critical tool in the payroll migration process. It compares calculated payroll results from a company’s previous provider with those calculated within Atto. This detailed report highlights any discrepancies in each employee’s gross wages, benefits, post-tax deductions, and taxes, ensuring transparency and accuracy.

Purpose of the Historical Payroll Audit

  1. Confidence in Data Accuracy: Employers can be assured that their payroll data has been accurately transferred and calculated in Atto.
  2. Identification of Discrepancies: The report allows for quick identification and correction of any discrepancies in payroll data, minimizing errors that could affect tax reporting and employee payments.
  3. Smooth Transition: Facilitates a smoother transition for employers switching to Atto by providing a clear comparison between old and new payroll systems.

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