How to Add the Payroll Feature to Your Plan

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Atto presents a streamlined payroll solution tailored for businesses within the United States, making payroll management a breeze. This powerful add-on is designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing Atto framework, offering a blend of precision and simplicity to enhance your payroll operations.

What the Payroll Add-On Offers:

  • Pricing: At just $5.95 per payroll user each month, with an additional base fee of $39.95/month, this add-on offers a cost-effective approach to meet your payroll requirements.

  • Monthly Billing: Manage your finances with ease thanks to a monthly billing cycle, aligning with your business's budgeting rhythm.

Benefits of Activating Payroll with Atto:

  • Streamlined Payroll Processing: Click once and watch your payroll obligations get handled with unmatched efficiency.

  • Guaranteed Accurate Payments: Rest easy knowing your team will be compensated correctly and punctually, every pay period.

  • Tax Compliance Simplified: Keep up with tax obligations without the usual hassle, thanks to Atto's automated system.

Perfect For: Any business looking to simplify their payroll process and ensure every payday is accurate and compliant.

Activating Your Payroll Add-On:

  1. Choose the Add-On: Locate the Payroll option within your Atto subscription settings.

  2. Understand the Benefits: Review the features and pricing of the Payroll add-on.

  3. Confirm Your Choice: Add the Payroll feature to your plan with a single click, integrating it smoothly with your current Atto subscription.

Important Note: The Payroll add-on is billed separately from your main Atto subscription, offering clear and manageable billing.

By choosing to activate the Payroll add-on, you're opting for efficiency and accuracy in payroll management — valuable components that support the growth and financial health of your business.

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