Managing Your Atto Subscription Plan

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Atto is committed to providing flexibility for your business's evolving needs. With our intuitive plan management, you have the control to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel as you see fit, ensuring that your subscription always aligns with your operational requirements.

  • Plan Adjustments:

    • Change Plans: Choose a new plan and see the updated costs at the next billing cycle.

    • Upgrade: Access more features right away; you're automatically charged a prorated amount to cover the current billing period.

    • Downgrade: Scale back and receive a credit for the unused time, which will go towards your future payments.

    • Add Payroll: Add Payroll processing anytime, and it will have a distinct billing period from your main subscription for clear accounting.

  • Manage Team Size:

    • Modify Seats: Adjust the number of users anytime. Atto automatically updates your seat count at each billing period start to reflect actual usage, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

    • Payroll Seats: Managed separately, Payroll seats adjust automatically based on monthly usage.

    • New Seats: When adding more seats, you're immediately charged only for the remaining part of the current billing period, ensuring you pay just for the time the new seats are active until the next renewal.

  • Subscription Snapshot:

    • Your Active Plan: Review your active plan's details, including the cost and upcoming billing date.

    • Add-Ons: Keep track of any additional features you’ve activated and their details.

    • Manage Seats: View and adjust your subscription seats as your team evolves.

    • Payment Method: Manage how you pay for your plan and maintain control over your financial preferences.

    • Cancellation: Atto gives you the freedom to cancel your subscription if your business directions shift.

    • Receipts: Access and download receipts for your records and stay on top of your billing history.

Stay in Charge:

Your Atto plan is designed to be as dynamic as your business, giving you the power to manage your subscription effectively and with full visibility. Whether your team is scaling up, adjusting to seasonal shifts, or you're streamlining operations, Atto's subscription management ensures you have the right tools at your fingertips, without any unnecessary complications.

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