Choosing the Right Atto Plan for Your Team

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Atto offers four tailored plans to fit various business needs, from basic time tracking to advanced management tools. Understanding what each plan provides will help you pick the perfect fit for your team.

Below is a comprehensive guide detailing each plan's offerings and pricing.

Starter Plan: The Fundamentals for Small Teams

  • Monthly: $6.95 /user/month

  • Annual: $5.65 /user/month (Save 20% with Annual)

Core Features:

  • Mobile and Web Time Tracking: Capture every hour worked, no matter where your team is.

  • Job Codes: Organize work with custom codes.

  • Basic Breaks: Manage break times easily.

  • Text Notes: Keep detailed records with notes on each time entry.

  • Basic Overtime Calculation: Automatically calculates Weekly, Daily, and Daily Double Overtime for your team.

Ideal for: Small businesses or teams just starting out with time tracking.

Plus Plan: Upgraded Features for Growing Teams

  • Monthly: $9.95 /user/month

  • Annual: $7.95 /user/month (Save 20% with Annual)

Additional to Starter:

  • Team Chat: Enhance team communication with built-in messaging.

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: Know where your team is during work hours.

  • Time Off Management: Efficiently manage and track paid time off.

  • Hourly Pay Rates: Set individual hourly rates for accurate payroll management with one effective pay rate.

Ideal for: Teams needing more than just basic time tracking, including on-the-go location insights.

Advanced Plan: Full-Featured Suite for Established Teams - Best Value!

  • Monthly: $12.95 /user/month

  • Annual: $10.75 /user/month (Save 20% with Annual)

Additional to Plus:

  • Mileage Tracking: Automatically log travel for reimbursements.

  • Time Clock Kiosk: Centralized on-site clock-ins and clock-outs.

  • Job Pay Rates: Set pay rates for specific jobs or projects.

  • Advanced Overtime: Customize overtime calculations for various scenarios, including weekend overtime tracking, night shifts, and 7th-day overtime tracking.

  • Public Holidays: Configure pay for work done on public holidays.

Ideal for: Larger teams with complex time tracking and payroll needs.

Expert Plan: Comprehensive Tools for Full-Scale Operations

  • Monthly: $19.95 /user/month

  • Annual: $16.55 /user/month (Save 20% with Annual)

Additional to Advanced:

  • Priority Support: Get top-tier customer service when you need it.

  • Concierge Onboarding: Personalized setup assistance.

  • Custom Implementation: Tailor Atto to fit unique business processes.

  • API Access: Integrate Atto with your existing systems.

Ideal for: Enterprise-level organizations seeking a robust time tracking and team management solution with premium support.

Key Aspects of All Plans:

  • Custom Roles & Permissions: Assign roles to your team for controlled access.

  • Add/Remove Seats: Adjust your subscription to your team's size anytime.

  • Manual Entry Controls: Maintain the integrity of your time tracking with permissions for manual time card entries.

Expert Support: Our customer success team is on hand to guide you through each plan's features and help you identify the best fit for your organization.

Utilizing Atto's Plans:

  1. Flexibility: Each plan is designed with the flexibility to grow with your business, ensuring you always have the right tools at your disposal.

  2. Efficiency: Improve your team's efficiency with features tailored to streamline your operations.

  3. Insights: Leverage detailed reports and analytics to make informed business decisions.

To begin optimizing your team's productivity, select the Atto plan that aligns with your current needs, with the confidence that you can scale up as your business grows.

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