Setup for Parking and Toll Options

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Atto makes it easy to handle travel costs by letting you track not just miles but also parking and toll fees. Here’s how to use this feature:

Turning On Parking and Tolls:

  • Go to Settings: Access settings from Atto's main menu.
  • Start Mileage Tracking: Ensure the mileage tracking feature is activated.
  • Activate Parking and Tolls:
    • Find the options for Parking and Tolls.
    • Switch them on for detailed expense tracking.

Adding Expenses to Drives:

  • Create a New Drive: Tap the ‘+’ icon and choose “Add Drive”.
  • Enter Details:
    • Select the team member.
    • Add date and journey locations.
    • Include Parking and Tolls fees.
    • Add trip notes if needed.
  • Save the Drive: Confirm by tapping “Add Drive”.

Why It's Useful:

  • Tracks All Costs: Capture every travel-related expense.
  • Customizes to Your Needs: Adjust settings to suit your company's policies.
  • Simplifies Expenses: Makes recording and reimbursing costs easier.

This setup ensures your team's travel expenses are fully covered, with Parking and Tolls easily logged.

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