How Atto Automatically Tracks Your Drives

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Atto makes recording your business drives easy by automatically detecting when you’re on the move. Here’s a simple explanation of how it figures out your trips:

Starting a New Trip:

  • Distance Matters: Atto starts tracking once you move more than 0.31 miles (about 0.5 kilometers). This movement signals the beginning of a new journey.

  • Location Accuracy: The starting point accuracy can vary up to 0.31 miles due to how phones pinpoint location (e.g., Wi-Fi, GPS, cell towers). Thus, very short drives below this threshold might not be recorded.

  • Speed Analysis: By evaluating how fast you’re moving, Atto differentiates between driving and other activities like walking. This ensures only drives are logged.

After You Drive:

  • Analysis Post-Drive: Atto spends about 5 minutes analyzing your stop to determine if your trip has concluded or if you’re merely pausing briefly.

  • Merging Brief Stops: Stops under 5 minutes are generally considered part of the ongoing trip. Longer breaks may indicate the end of one trip and the start of another.

Tips for Better Tracking:

  • Wi-Fi Helps: Keeping Wi-Fi on aids Atto in more accurately determining your location for both short drives and in areas with dense networks, while also conserving battery life compared to GPS alone.

  • Without Wi-Fi: Without Wi-Fi, Atto’s ability to detect drives relies more on GPS, which might affect how some trips are recorded or segmented.

By keeping these points in mind, you can ensure Atto accurately captures your business trips for efficient mileage tracking and reimbursement procedures.

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