Downloading Mileage Reports

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Easily track your business travel with Atto's mileage reports. Follow these simple steps to download your travel expense overview.

Steps to Download:

  1. Sign In: Open Atto and log in.

  2. Go to Reports: Select 'Reports' from the menu.

  3. Select Mile: Click on the 'Mile' tab.

  4. Set Preferences: Choose the timeframe or team member you need the report for.

  5. Download Report: Press the download button, choose "Mileage Report," and it starts automatically.

What's in the Report:

Your Atto Mileage Report details:

  • Total Miles: The distance covered in your chosen period.

  • Total Drives: How many trips were made.

  • Total Logged Value: The overall cost, including drives, parking, and tolls.

  • Drive Value: Just the driving costs.

  • Parking Fees and Tolls: Any parking and toll expenses.

Why Use Atto Mileage Reports:

Atto's reports make it easy to:

  • Keep track of travel expenses.

  • Organize your mileage records accurately.

  • Analyze travel patterns to optimize costs.

Atto's mileage reports are straightforward tools for managing your business travel expenses efficiently.

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