How Atto Determines Your Mileage Reimbursement

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Atto streamlines tracking and calculating mileage for business travel, ensuring your expense claims are precise and straightforward. This guide breaks down how Atto calculates the value of each drive.

  1. Setting the Mileage Rate:

Your reimbursement per mile is based on a mileage rate, which could be the IRS's standard or one specified by your employer. This rate is critical in determining how much you're reimbursed for business driving.

  1. Calculating Distance:

Atto offers two ways to measure how far you've traveled:

  • Automatic GPS Tracking: Activating this feature allows Atto to use your device’s GPS for precise distance tracking.

  • Manual Entry: If GPS isn’t an option or you prefer manual input, you can enter the trip's start and end points yourself, and Atto calculates the distance accordingly.

  1. Calculating Your Drive Value:

The app multiplies the trip distance by your mileage rate to figure out your drive value, or how much you'll be reimbursed.


  • Mileage Rate: $0.67/mile

  • Trip Distance: 10 miles, tracked by GPS

  • Drive Value: 10 miles x $0.67 = $6.70

Ensuring Accurate Tracking:

  • Enable Location Services: For precise GPS tracking.

  • Review Your Trips: Confirm the accuracy of each trip’s details.

  • Keep Your Rate Updated: Ensure your mileage rate matches the current IRS standard or your employer's policy.

Can You Track Without GPS? Yes, Atto allows for manual trip entries. Just input the start and end points, and the app does the rest.

With Atto, managing your business mileage becomes a hassle-free process, providing clear, compliant reimbursement calculations.

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