Managing Member Drives

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In organizations where employees are often on the move, it's vital to accurately manage and track each member's drives for precise expense tracking and reimbursement. Atto's Mileage Tracking feature provides a straightforward and effective interface for this purpose, designed for both management roles and members. Here’s how to efficiently manage Member Drives within Atto.

Accessing Member-Specific Mileage

  1. Open the Atto app.

  2. Tap the ‘Reports’ tab at the bottom.

  3. Choose the “Miles” option.

  4. In the ‘Members’ section, select a member to view their individual mileage data. (Note: Only for Management Roles.)

Understanding the Member Mileage Dashboard

Selecting a member or viewing as a driver presents a detailed mileage breakdown:

  • Total Miles: Displays overall miles driven within the selected timeframe for an overview of travel distance.

  • Total Drives: Counts the individual trips made.

  • Total Logged Value: Summarizes the total value of drives, including parking and toll expenses.

  • Drive Value: Isolates the financial value of the drives.

  • Parking Fees & Tolls: Details additional expenses incurred during trips.

Adding a New Drive

  1. On Mobile tap the ‘+’ icon at the top right, on the web click '+ Create' on the left-side menu.

  2. Select “Add Drive”.

  3. Complete the drive details:

    • Select Member (Note: Only for Management Roles.)

    • Add Date

    • Start and End Location

    • Parking and Toll Fees (if applicable)

    • Notes (regarding the trip purpose)

  4. Tap “Add Drive” to save the new drive.

Deleting a Drive

  1. Open the Atto app.

  2. Navigate to the ‘Reports’ tab.

  3. Select “Miles”.

  4. From ‘Members’, pick a member to view their mileage.

  5. Scroll to ‘Drives’, choose the drive for deletion.

  6. Confirm the deletion if certain, as this action is irreversible.

This guide ensures that management roles and employees can utilize Atto's Mileage Tracking to its full potential, providing a streamlined approach for managing travel expenses and reimbursements efficiently.

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