Drive Detection Tips

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Ensure Atto precisely tracks your drives by following these targeted adjustments and practices for both iOS and Android platforms.

iOS Setup:

Location Services:

  • Turn on for Atto: Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services. Ensure Atto is set to “Always”.

Background App Refresh:

  • Enable Atto: Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

Drive Detection:

  • If paused, allow 5-15 minutes after resuming for accurate updates.

App Adjustments:

  • Prevent memory or battery management apps from closing Atto. Regularly open Atto to keep it active. Disable "Offload Unused Apps" in Settings > General > iPhone Storage if it’s affecting Atto.

Connectivity and Updates:

  • Use Wi-Fi for better location accuracy. Pair with Bluetooth in vehicles when possible. Keep Atto and iOS updated regularly for optimal performance.

Android Setup:

Location and Data:

  • Allow Atto "all the time" location access and ensure “Use Precise Location” is on. Keep “Mobile Data” active in Settings > Connections > Data usage.

Background Processing:

  • Adjust device settings to prevent Atto from being shut down in the background. For specific instructions, see Atto’s Android optimization guide.

General Usage:

  • Open Atto frequently to avoid automatic shutdowns by the device. Use Wi-Fi for improved location tracking and lower battery consumption.

System Updates:

  • Update your Android OS and the Atto app regularly for optimal performance.

Common Tips for Both:

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

  • Both enhance location tracking. Wi-Fi improves accuracy, while Bluetooth connects to vehicles for specific trip detection.

App Version and Account Check:

  • Ensure you're using the latest Atto version and are logged in correctly.

By adhering to these settings and practices, you'll help Atto more accurately record your business travels, facilitating efficient mileage tracking and reimbursements.

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