Navigating Atto's Mileage Tracking

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Atto's Mileage Tracking offers a straightforward interface to streamline tracking of business travel for reimbursements and financial records. Its clear design puts essential data front and center, making it easy to access and interpret at a glance. Here's a guide to utilizing the mileage tracking features in the Atto app effectively.

Accessing Mileage Tracking

  1. Open the Atto App: Launch it on your device.

  2. Head to Reports: Find the ‘Reports’ tab at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Choose "Miles": Tap on this tab to view mileage data.

Understanding the Mileage Interface

Upon selecting the "Miles" tab, you're greeted with comprehensive mileage statistics details for your team:

  • Total Miles: At the top, it displays the overall miles driven within a set timeframe, offering a snapshot of travel activity.

  • Total Drives: Counts the individual trips undertaken.

  • Total Logged Value: Summarizes the total value of all drives, including parking and toll fees.

  • Drive Value: Shows the value of the drives alone.

  • Parking Fees: Lists the parking expenses incurred.

  • Tolls: Details the toll costs on business trips.

Member-Specific Mileage Details

In the "Members" section towards the interface's bottom, every team member's mileage stats are listed. Clicking on a member reveals:

  • Drives: Individual trips with in-depth data, including:

    • Routes Taken: Maps out the travel route, aiding in analyzing travel patterns and identifying route efficiencies.

    • Distance Traveled: Shows precise distance for each trip, critical for accurate reimbursements.

    • Trip Details: All recorded specifics for every drive, such as times, locations, and employee notes.

Leveraging Mileage Data for Business Advantage

  • Expense Monitoring: Beyond tracking, use this interface to watch over travel costs closely. The Total Miles and Logged Value metrics help you assess travel spending and optimize budget planning.

  • Ensuring Fairness: Monitoring each employee's mileage fosters accountability and equitable reimbursement, reinforcing team trust.

Atto's mileage tracking interface is designed not just for administrative convenience but also as an analytical tool to optimize travel expenses and enhance operational efficiency.

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