Switching Metric Units for Distance Tracking

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Switching between miles and kilometers for distance tracking in Atto is a straightforward process that caters to your regional preferences. Here's a quick guide to help you adjust the settings:

  1. Enter Settings:

    • Open the Atto app on your device.

    • Tap on the gear-shaped 'Settings' icon to access your app preferences.

  2. Locate Mileage Options:

    • In the Settings menu, scroll until you find the 'Mileage Tracking' option.

    • This is where you can customize how you record distances when traveling for work.

  3. Select Your Preferred Unit:

    • Look for the toggle switch next to 'Use Metric Units (Kilometre)'.

    • Switch it on to measure your travel in kilometers, making it easy to track when you’re working in regions that use the metric system.

    • Leave it off if you prefer to see distances in miles, commonly used in the United States.


When you switch the distance measurement unit in Atto, all previously logged drives will update to reflect the new unit choice. This ensures consistency across your records. However, it's crucial to review your mileage rate settings after making the switch. Since the calculation for reimbursement is based on distance (miles or km) multiplied by your set mileage rate, changing the unit will affect the logged value of drives. Ensure your mileage rate aligns with the selected unit for accurate expense calculations.

Why This Matters:

Adjusting between miles and kilometers in Atto isn't just about personal or regional preference. It's about ensuring that every mile or kilometer driven for work is accurately logged and appropriately reimbursed. Atto’s flexible settings make it easy to maintain accurate records and financial calculations, whether your travels take you across town or around the globe.

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