How to Delete a Drive

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Sometimes, a drive recorded in Atto might need to be removed, whether it was mistakenly logged or simply incorrect. Atto's user-friendly design makes it easy to delete these records. Here's how to do it:

Steps to Delete a Drive:

  1. Open Atto: Start by launching the app.

  2. Go to Reports: Tap the 'Reports' tab at the bottom.

  3. Choose Miles: Hit the 'Miles' option to see mileage data.

  4. Pick a Member: From 'Members', select an individual to view their drives.

  5. Find the Drive: In 'Drives', choose the one you need to delete.

  6. Delete: Tap the 'Bin' icon and confirm the deletion.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Backup Important Data: Before removing a drive, ensure you've saved any info you might need later.

  • Check Your Permissions: Deleting drives may be limited to certain roles; verify you're authorized.

  • Consider the Impact: Removing drives affects mileage reports and possibly financial records.

This process ensures that keeping your Atto mileage records accurate and up-to-date is straightforward and manageable.

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