How to Manually Add a Drive

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Adding drive records in Atto is straightforward, ensuring that every business-related trip is accounted for. This guide outlines the process to add a drive within the Atto app, tailored for both management roles and individual users.

Steps to Add a Drive:

  1. Open the Atto app, navigate to the 'Reports' section, then head to 'Miles' tab.

  2. Initiate Drive Entry:

    • On mobile, tap the '+' sign located in the top right corner.

    • On the web, click '+ Create' on the left-side menu and select 'Add Drive'.

  3. Entering Drive Details:

    • Select Member (Only for Management Roles): Assign the drive to the appropriate team member.

    • Add Date: Choose the date of the drive.

    • From / To:

      • Set the start time and start location. You can pinpoint the starting location on the map by moving the navigation pin.

      • Set the end time and end location similarly.

    • Parking Fees: Enter any parking costs incurred during the trip.

    • Tolls: Input any toll expenses.

    • Notes: Add any relevant notes related to the drive for future reference.

  4. Save the Drive: Once all the details are filled in, click or tap 'Add Drive' to save the entry to the mileage records.

By manually adding drives, you can ensure comprehensive mileage tracking for accurate reimbursement and reporting. It’s an essential feature for maintaining detailed records of business travel expenses in Atto.

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