Viewing Employee Drives

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Atto makes it easy to oversee and analyze your team's business trips. Here’s how to access and understand the drives of your employees:

How to View Drives:

  1. Start Atto: Open the app on your device.

  2. Find Reports: Click on the 'Reports' tab.

  3. Hit Miles: Choose 'Miles' to see the mileage dashboard for your team.

  4. Use Date Filter: Select specific dates if you're looking for certain trips.

  5. Pick an Employee: Scroll down, select an employee to view their drives.

  6. Examine the Drive: Click on any drive to view on a map, including:

    • Route Taken: Visualized on a map.

    • Start and End Locations: Marked on the map.

    • Distance: How far they traveled.

    • Parking and Tolls: Any costs noted.

    • Drive Notes: Additional details or observations.

This method provides a comprehensive way to visually navigate through your employees' travel history in Atto, offering insights with a map-based view.

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