How to Set a Mileage Rate

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If your employees drive for work, it's crucial to have a clear system for mileage reimbursement. Atto simplifies setting a mileage rate that matches your company's policy. Here’s how to adjust the mileage rate in Atto for accurate reimbursements:

What is a Mileage Rate? It's the amount you reimburse employees for every mile they drive for work. This rate calculates the total reimbursement for their travel.

How to Set Your Rate:

  1. Go to Settings: Open Atto and find settings.

  2. Find Mileage Tracking: Look for this option.

  3. Set Mileage Rate: Here, type in your chosen rate.

  4. Save: Don't forget to hit save.

Default Rate: Atto sets a standard mileage rate for your convenience, but it's just a default. You can adjust the mileage rate in accordance with your own reimbursement strategy or local standards, providing flexibility for your business wherever it operates.

Why It Matters:

  • Flexibility: Customize the rate to align with your company's financial strategy.

  • Fairness: Maintain a consistent reimbursement practice that reflects your business values.

  • Control: Regularly update your mileage rate within Atto to keep pace with any changes in your operational costs.

Setting your mileage rate in Atto means reimbursements are always accurate and compliant, simplifying travel expenses for everyone.

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