Getting Started with Mileage Tracking

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For companies where employees are often on the move, precise mileage tracking is essential for accurate expense reimbursement, tax deductions, and overall financial management. Atto introduces a comprehensive mileage tracking feature, enhancing the platform's robust time tracking and workforce management capabilities. This addition enables you to efficiently manage not just miles but also associated parking fees and toll costs.

What Atto's Mileage Tracking Offers:

  • Automatic and Manual Mileage Logging: Choose how to record business travel, accommodating various tracking needs.

  • Payroll Integration: Seamlessly incorporate mileage data into your payroll system for straightforward reimbursements.

  • Detailed Reporting: Access insightful reports on mileage, including parking and toll expenses, for comprehensive expense control and tax compliance.

Setting Up Mileage Tracking:

  1. Navigate to Company Settings: Start by accessing your Atto app and head to the 'Settings'.

  2. Activate Mileage Tracking: Within the settings, locate the 'Mileage Tracking' option. Click to activate, allowing Atto to automatically log drives when your team is working, capturing every business mile accurately.

  3. Define Mileage Rate: Under 'Mileage Tracking', you have the option to input your chosen mileage rate. This custom rate will apply to all business drives for reimbursement calculations. If no rate is specified, Atto defaults to the annual IRS standard mileage rate, ensuring your reimbursements are always up to date.

  4. Manual Drive Entries: Enable 'Manual Drives' to allow your team to log drives manually, including start and end times and locations, offering flexibility alongside automated tracking.

  5. Track Parking and Tolls: Turn on 'Tracking Parking Fees & Tolls' to permit team members to record parking and toll costs directly within each drive detail.

  6. Unit Preference: Choose 'Use Metric Units (Kilometre)' if you prefer to measure distances in kilometers, catering to regional preferences and ensuring clarity for your team.

Advantages of Mileage Tracking in Atto:

  • Automated Drive Logging: With automatic tracking, manual input is reduced, saving time and minimizing errors.

  • Comprehensive Expense Capture: Track not just mileage, but also parking and tolls, for a full view of travel expenses.

  • Flexible Entry Options: Combining automated tracking with manual entries ensures comprehensive logging even when automatic tracking isn't feasible.

  • Custom Reimbursement Rates: Set a standard rate for consistent reimbursement calculations or let Atto use the IRS standard rate for simplicity.

  • Metric or Imperial: Choose the unit system that best fits your business's needs.

By leveraging Atto's Mileage Tracking, you equip your business with the tools to handle travel expenses efficiently and accurately, ensuring your team members are reimbursed fairly while maintaining clear records for financial reporting and tax compliance.

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