How to Set Up Your Payroll Period and Timesheet Report Settings

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Managing payroll is a critical aspect of any business, and Atto makes it easier with automated timesheet reports. Here’s a step-by-step guide to configuring your payroll period and timesheet reports in Atto:

Setting Up Your Payroll Period:

  1. Go to Settings > Timesheet Report in your Atto account.
  2. Choose the day when your workweek begins.
  3. Select a payroll period schedule that aligns with your company’s payroll cycle.
  4. Click Save.

Understanding Payroll Period Options:

  • Weekly: Receive a timesheet report every week for a complete workweek.
  • Bi-Weekly: Get a report every other week, covering two full workweeks. Choose the closing date of your payroll period.
  • Semi-Monthly: Opt for twice-a-month reports, each covering up to the two pre-selected dates.
  • Monthly: Choose to receive a monthly report, summarizing hours up to a specific date.
  • Custom: Tailor reports to be sent weekly, covering chosen days.

Receiving Timesheet Reports:

Timesheet reports are emailed to you the morning after your payroll period ends, ensuring timely access to crucial payroll data.

Adding Report Recipients:

  • To include additional team members in the timesheet report, they must be listed as Admins.
  • Email their names to for inclusion.

Atto’s approach to payroll period settings and timesheet report generation simplifies the entire process. With these tools, you can ensure accurate and timely payroll management, freeing up time for other essential aspects of your business.

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