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Atto Chat is a built-in messaging tool that helps your team collaborate more effectively. It allows for easy communication, whether it’s quick questions, project updates, or group discussions.

Features of Atto Chat:

  • Direct and Group Messaging: Start a conversation with any team member or create group chats for collaborative discussions.

  • Message Status Indicators: Messages come with sent and read confirmations, so you're always in the loop on who’s caught up.

  • Attachments: Share photos, videos or files directly in the chat to keep all relevant information accessible.

  • Notifications: Stay informed with instant alerts for new messages.

Managing Chats:

  • Chat Details: Click on a conversation to view chat specifics, including shared media and notification settings.

  • Group Chat Details: View all participants in a group chat and manage group settings.

  • Adding Members to Group Chats: Easily add new participants to existing group conversations.

Additional Features and Notes:

  • Removed User Accounts: If a user has been removed, you’ll notice a notification in the chat indicating the change. Although you can’t send new messages, you can still review past conversations.

  • Customizing Notifications: Within Chat Details, you can toggle notifications on or off to suit your preferences.

  • Expanding Group Chats: You can expand your group chat by adding new members at any time, fostering inclusive and comprehensive team communication.

  • Removing Conversations: You have the option to delete entire chat histories when needed.

  • Exiting Group Chats: If you no longer need to be part of a group conversation, you can opt to leave the group.

With Atto Chat's dynamic capabilities, your team can maintain effective communication, share vital information, and ensure everyone is aligned, whether in the office or on the go.

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