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Welcome to Atto! As an Admin or Account Owner, you play a crucial role in managing and optimizing your team's time tracking with Atto. This guide will assist you in navigating the platform effectively.

Signing Up for an Atto Account (Account Owner)

  • Visit Atto's web platform and click 'Try For Free' for a 14-day trial.

  • No credit card required for signing up.

  • Upon entering your email, you'll receive a confirmation email. Click on “Confirm Email" and fill in necessary details (Company Name, Industry, Full Name, Password).

  • Start your journey with a 14-day free trial to experience simple time and location tracking.

Note for Admins Joining Atto: Joining Atto is straightforward whether you have an email invitation or a direct invite link. If you're an admin joining through an email invitation, you'll receive a link to create your account. Alternatively, a direct invite link from your account manager or another admin will also guide you through the account setup process. 
Mobile App: For ease of use and accessibility, download the Atto mobile app on your iOS and Android device. The app enhances your ability to track time and manage features on the go.

Exploring Atto's Interface

  • Activity: Manage and monitor your team's activities, search for specific information, filter data, and add or manage team members. Key options include Search, Sync, Filter, Members, Status, and Add New Member.

  • Chat: Communicate and collaborate with team members through integrated work chat for messaging and file sharing.

  • Time Clock: Utilize this feature for accurate tracking of working hours and breaks.

  • Reports: Reports: Get a closer look at your operations through detailed reports. This tool lets you create reports on timesheets, payroll, mileage, job codes and time off. Choose specific timeframes and team members to get the insights you need for better financial and project management.
  • Settings: Access and manage your account settings, including Profile & Password, Notifications & Reminders, Manage Team, and more.

Deep Dive into Settings

  1. Profile & Password: Update and manage your personal profile and password settings.

  2. Notifications & Reminders: Customize notifications and reminders for clock-ins, clock-outs, team member activities, and other important events.

  3. Manage Team: Oversee team members, adjust roles and permissions, and manage timesheet data and activity. This includes adding or removing users with Manager or Employee roles and editing account settings.

  4. Invite New Members: Expand your team by inviting new members via email or using an invite link.

  5. Integrations: Configure and manage integrations with third-party applications or systems.

  6. Company Settings: Tailor company-specific settings including Workweek & Overtime, Timesheet Report, Manual Entries, Time Options, Break Preferences, Job Codes, Time Off, Location Tracking and Job Sites.

  7. Support and Resources: Access the Help Center for documentation and guides, and use the Feedback & Support option for assistance or to submit inquiries.

Maximizing Atto for Your Team

  • Utilize Location Tracking Features: Monitor team members in real-time and manage clock in/out locations for accurate attendance and resource allocation.

  • Leverage Team Activity Features: Get a clear view of each employee's daily activity, status, and location. Use departments, filters, and smart notifications for efficient team management.

  • Optimize Reports Features: Access comprehensive timesheet reports, manage payroll calculations, and track employee hours for accurate billing and resource management.

  • Tailor Time Tracking Features: Set up geofencing, smart reminders, manual time entries, overtime rules, and break preferences to align with your company's needs.

  • Ensure Compliance and Security: Atto prioritizes data security and compliance with privacy regulations, providing secure data transmission and storage.

Company Settings: Tailoring Atto to Your Business Needs

As an Admin, the "Company Settings" in Atto allow you to customize the platform to fit your company’s specific requirements. Here's a breakdown of each setting and how to use it effectively:

  1. Workweek & Overtime:

    • Workweek Setup: Define the start day of your workweek, catering to your business cycle.

    • Overtime Tracking: Customize overtime settings based on your company's policies. Set thresholds for weekly and daily overtime, as well as double overtime, including specific hour limits and rate multipliers.

  2. Timesheet Report:

    • Report Configuration: Choose the format and frequency of timesheet reports (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or custom intervals).

    • Workweek Start Day: Select the day your workweek begins to align with payroll processing.

    • Payroll Period Schedule: Opt for your preferred payroll schedule to ensure timely and accurate reporting.

  3. Manual Time cards:

    • Enable/Disable Manual Time Editing: Decide whether team members can manually edit their time entries, granting flexibility or ensuring stricter time tracking control.

  4. Time Options:

  5. Break Preferences:

    • Break Rules Configuration: Set up rules for paid and unpaid breaks, including automatic break deductions and custom break lengths.

    • Break Type Selection: Choose between fixed-length, variable-length, or automatic breaks to best suit your operational structure.

  6. Job Codes:

    • Job Code Management: Create and manage job codes for categorizing work hours by specific tasks, projects, or clients.

    • Customization: Add, edit, or delete job codes to keep them aligned with ongoing projects or organizational changes.

  7. Time Off:

    • Time Off Codes: Define and manage different types of paid and unpaid time off, such as vacation, sick leave, and personal leave.

    • Custom Time Off Policies: Implement specific time off policies unique to your company, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting.

  8. Location Tracking:

    • Tracking Options: Choose between various location tracking settings, like tracking while on the clock, only during clock in/out, or disabling it entirely.

    • Privacy Compliance: Ensure that location tracking settings comply with privacy laws and employee consent requirements.

  9. Job Sites:

    • Site Management: Add and define job sites, crucial for businesses with multiple work locations or field operations.

    • Geofencing for Sites: Create geofenced areas for accurate location-based time tracking.

    • Adjustable Location Diameter: Customize the size of the geofenced area to fit the specific job site.

    • Detailed Time Tracking: Gain insights into the amount of time spent at each job site for efficient resource allocation.

    • Edit or Delete Sites: Modify job site details or remove them as per changing business needs.


As an Admin or Account Owner in Atto, you have the tools and capabilities to streamline time management processes, enhance productivity, and ensure accurate time tracking and payroll processing. This guide is designed to make your experience both efficient and rewarding.

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