Transitioning Payroll Data from Other Providers

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We load the history of what your team members, both employees and contractors, have been paid during the calendar year. This includes itemized earnings, deductions, and taxes. Data is collected per team members for accurate future quarterly and annual filings.

After you’ve completed your company payroll setup, the next step is to migrate your payroll data to Atto Payroll.  The data migration process involves several essential steps to ensure a seamless transition:

  1. Loading Pay History: Next, we'll migrate historical payment data from your previous provider. This includes a comprehensive record of earnings, deductions, and taxes for each team member. This historical data is crucial for accurate reporting on all future quarterly and annual filings.

  2. Closed Quarters: For quarters that have already been completed, we'll consolidate the data into quarterly totals for each team member. This simplifies the transition for past periods.

  3. Open Quarters: However, for ongoing quarters, we'll break down the data by employee and check date. Many quarterly returns require a specific listing of when liability was incurred, which is typically on the check date. 

    • In the case of contractors, we can consolidate their information for the current quarter.

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