Night Shift Tracking Options

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Atto provides flexibility in tracking night shift hours to accommodate different business needs and work schedules. You can choose to split timecards automatically at midnight or let the timer run past midnight, with hours counted towards the clock-in date. The chosen method affects how night shift hours are displayed and calculated.

Splitting Timecards at Midnight

To enable splitting timecards at midnight:

  1. Go to "Settings"
  2. Select "Time Options" from the Settings menu.
  3. Toggle the "Split Timesheet at Midnight" switch to the "Enabled" position.

With this setting enabled, every calendar day at midnight, a team member's timecards will be automatically split so that hours worked after midnight are counted towards the following day as a new time entry. This helps maintain accurate records for night shift hours and avoid discrepancies in daily work hour totals.

Clocking Out Past Midnight

If you prefer to let the timer run past midnight and count all tracked hours towards the clock-in date, you can disable the "Split Timesheet at Midnight" option. This approach is suitable for situations where night shift hours typically extend past midnight and you want to maintain a continuous record of the entire work period.

Night Shift Entry Indicators

To identify night shift entries, a moon icon will be displayed in the new time entry page when adding an entry with a clock-out time earlier than the clock-in time. This visual indicator helps distinguish night shift entries and ensures that they are handled appropriately based on your time option settings.

By leveraging Atto's flexible night shift tracking options, you can optimize your timekeeping practices, ensure accurate compensation for your team, and gain valuable insights into night shift work patterns.

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