Adding Contractors to Payroll

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To invite a contractor to Atto Payroll, they must first create an Atto account. Here's a quick guide to help invite a new user to your Atto account: How to invite employees to my Atto account

After your contractors have created their Atto account, you can invite them to Atto Payroll by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Atto Payroll Account.

  2. Go to the Team tab.

  3. Select the Contractor you want to invite to payroll and click the Setup Member button.

  4. Fill in their basic information and select worker status as Contractor

  5. Choose the contractor type: Individual or Business

  6. Click the Invite to Payroll button.

The contractor will then receive an email invitation to create an Atto Payroll  account. Once the contractor has created an account, they will be able to input their own demographic information and employee setup information.

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