New Hire Reporting

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When you bring new employees into your payroll, it's essential to report their information to the appropriate state agency. At Atto Payroll, we've streamlined the process for you, making it quick and efficient. Here's how new hires are reported:

  1. Electronically, via a File Transfer System: In some states, we electronically transfer the new hire data. This method ensures fast and accurate reporting.

  2. Manually: For other states, we manually enter the employee's information onto the state's website. This online process is user-friendly and guarantees compliance.

  3. By Fax: In certain cases, we fill out a form and fax it to the relevant agency. This method is chosen when it aligns with state requirements.

It's important to note that in most instances, new hires must be reported within 20 days of their initial hire date. However, specific states may have different timelines, which our system adapts to. The information we report about your new hires serves several purposes:

  • Verification of Salary Garnishments: We check if the employee has any government-mandated salary garnishments, tax liens, or student loan repayments.

  • Child Support Garnishments: Ensuring that child support garnishments are accurately processed.

  • Unemployment Benefits Eligibility: This helps in determining if the employee is eligible to claim unemployment benefits.

  • Reviewing Worker's Compensation Claims: New hire reporting assists in reviewing worker's compensation claims, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

Remember, as an employer, it's your responsibility to report your newly hired employees. This ensures compliance with state regulations and helps in maintaining accurate employee records.

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