Running Off-Cycle Payroll

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You can run an off-cycle payroll with Atto. Atto payroll allows you to run as many off-cycle payrolls as you need and there are no additional fees for running off-cycle payrolls.

To run an off-cycle payroll in Atto, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Payroll tab.

  2. Click the Run Off-Cycle Payroll button.

  3. Select Pay Period Start Date, Pay period End Date and Pay date

  4. Select any of the option applicable:

    • Tax all earnings as supplemental earnings

    • Apply benefits

    • Apply post-tax deductions

  5. Enter the employee's information and the type of payment.

  6. Click the Preview button.

  7. Once you preview the off-cycle payroll, click on Submit Payroll

Atto will then process the payment and send it to the employee.

Here are some examples of when you might need to run an off-cycle payroll with Atto:

  • To pay an employee a bonus for meeting a sales goal

  • To pay an employee a commission for a sale

  • To pay an employee severance pay when they are laid off

  • To reimburse an employee for expenses

  • To pay an employee early if they have an emergency

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