Changing Contractor Information

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To change contractor information in Atto Payroll, you need to follow a similar process to changing employee information. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your Atto Payroll account.

  2. Navigate to the Employee Information tab.

  3. Select the Type of Information to Update:

    • General Information

    • Financial 

    • Account Setup Information

  4. Make the Necessary Changes.

  5. Save the Changes.

Please note: Only contractors can make changes to their own account information to ensure data privacy and security.

It's important to remind contractors that they are responsible for keeping their information up to date, especially if there are changes in their personal or financial details. This process helps ensure that payments and tax reporting are accurate.

If you are an employer or administrator and need to change a contractor's information, please request that the contractor makes these changes within their own Atto Payroll account. This approach ensures that the most accurate and secure information is on record.

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