Previewing Payroll

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You can preview and review the payroll before processing to ensure accuracy. This is a good idea to do to make sure that all of your team members are being paid correctly and that all of the deductions and benefits are being applied correctly.

To review the payroll in Atto, go to the Run Payroll tab and click on the Run Regular Payroll button. This will show you a draft of the payroll for the current pay period, where you can review the payroll by team member. If you see any errors in the payroll, you can correct a team member's timesheet or pay rate data from their profile before you process it.

After reviewing your current payroll, click the Preview button. This will show you all of the necessary payroll information, including pay breakdown, taxes, hourly breakdown, post-tax deductions, and benefits for each team member.

Once you are satisfied with the payroll, click on the Submit Payroll button. Atto will then send the payroll to your bank for processing.

Disclamer: If you see any errors and need to make changes to the payroll, such as adding or removing team members, changing pay rates, and discrepancies or inaccuracies with work hours, we recommend that you make these changes in Atto, not in the Payroll Review page. 

If you have any questions about previewing and reviewing the payroll in Atto, you can contact Atto customer support team for assistance.

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