Changing Team Member's Pay Rate

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Atto's simple pay rate system lets you manage rates for each team member quickly and easily. Add new rates, update existing ones, and rest assured everyone gets paid accurately.

Setting Up Default Pay Rates:

  1. Access Pay Rate Settings: In Atto, navigate to 'Settings' > 'Pay Rate'.

  2. Choose a Team Member: Pick a team member to assign a new default pay rate.

  3. Enable Pay Rate Tracking: Activate the "Pay Rate" feature for the selected member.

  4. Input Rate Details: Click '+ Add default Pay rate', fill in the hourly rate and the effective date, then confirm by clicking 'Add Pay Rate'.

  5. Review Added Rates: A comprehensive list of all added Pay Rates for the user will be displayed, including hourly rates and effective dates for full visibility.

Adding Job-Specific Pay Rates:

  1. Initiate Job Pay Rate Addition: Select 'Add Job Pay Rate'.

  2. Specify Job Code and Details: Choose a job code, input the hourly rate and effective date, and complete the process by clicking 'Add Pay Rate'.

  3. Transparent Management: All Job Pay Rates for the user, along with Job Code names, hourly rates, and effective dates, will be listed, enhancing transparency and management efficiency.

Editing and Deleting Pay Rates:

  • Making Adjustments: To edit or delete any pay rate, default or job-specific, simply click on the desired rate.

  • Updating Information: For edits, modify the details and click 'Save' to apply changes.

  • Removing Rates: To delete, choose 'Delete Pay Rate' or 'Delete Job Pay Rate' to efficiently remove the rate from your records.

Important Note:

  • Pay Rates: Admins can't see each other's rates. Set a default rate before adding job pay rates. Job codes cannot share the same effective date.

Atto's pay rate management system is built to accommodate the dynamic nature of workforce compensation, providing the tools you need to efficiently oversee and adjust pay rates as your business evolves.

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