Creating Your Payroll Account

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To get started with Atto Payroll, you'll first need to create an Atto account. Here's a quick guide to help you set up your user account: Setting Up Your Company Account

Once you have created an Atto account, you can follow these steps to set up your company payroll account:

  1. Company Info: Enter your company's details, including its name, address, and payroll start date. The payroll start date is one of the most important dates to enter, as it will affect the timing of your payroll processing and tax reporting.

    • Important note on the Start Date:If you fail to run payroll by your payroll start date, your authorization documents will become invalid. If your payroll start date changes for any reason, please contact our support team immediately.

  2. Create Workplaces: Add your work locations to your profile. This is necessary for accurate tax calculations, as tax rates can vary depending on location.

  3. Set Signer Title: Choose a title that accurately represents your role within the company. This title will appear on various authorization forms for payroll processing. Here is a Help Center article to help you on the signer title: Identifying the Right Authorized Signer for Your Company

    • Important note: Your signer title in the payroll setup process directly impacts the forms needed for authorizing payroll processing with Atto. It should reflect your official job title, ensuring accuracy and compliance with state regulations. Aligning your signer title with your role is crucial to avoid discrepancies, ensuring complete and compliant payroll documentation.

  4. Payment Method: Link your bank account to your Atto Payroll account. This will allow Atto to process your payroll payments quickly and easily.

  5. Tax Setup: Provide the tax information required by your state or local authorities. This will ensure that your payroll operations are fully compliant.

  6. Filling Authorization: Sign and submit any necessary forms or authorizations. This is crucial to ensure your company's legal compliance.

  7. Invite Employees: Once your employer account is set up, you can start onboarding your team but first they must create an Atto account. Here is a help center article explaining all the steps: Adding and Removing Team Members. After your team members have created their Atto account, you can start  inviting them to create their Atto Payroll accounts and enter their details, more details in this help center article: How to Add employee to my payroll account.

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