Understanding Amendments

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An amendment is a process for correcting payroll errors that are discovered after payroll processing, including post-payment corrections and payroll tax filing errors.

When to Use Amendments:

For corrections related to closed quarters in the past, you might need a correction and/or amendment, depending on the type and timing of the error.

How to Request an Amendment?

To request an amendment, submit a support ticket to Atto. Remember to provide the following essential information:

  • Quarter: Specify the quarter in which the error occurred.

  • Agencies: Identify the payroll tax agencies affected.

  • Employees impacted: Identify the impacted employee(s).

  • Amendment amount: State the corrected amount.

Please note that amendments may take longer to process than voids because they often require additional review and approval. Rest assured, we're here to assist you in maintaining accurate payroll records.

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