Efficient Payroll Management

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Managing payroll is a critical task for any business, and Atto Payroll is here to simplify the process. From payroll tax filings to handling deductions and benefits, we offer a comprehensive solution that ensures accuracy, compliance, and convenience for your payroll needs.

  1. Managing Payroll Tax Filings and Payments

Atto Payroll's automated system streamlines the entire process of managing payroll tax filings and payments:

  • Payroll Processing: When you process payroll in Atto, the system automatically calculates the amount of payroll taxes that are due.
  • Tax Deposit: Atto then deposits the payroll taxes into the appropriate government accounts.
  • Tax Filing: Atto also files the required payroll tax returns with the government.

Our payroll tax management system uses the latest tax tables and regulations to guarantee precise tax calculations and timely tax filing. This ensures that the correct amount of taxes is withheld from employee paychecks and deposited with the government. By using Atto for your payroll tax management, you benefit from:

  • Accuracy: Precise tax calculations to avoid errors.

  • Timeliness: On-time tax filings to prevent penalties.

  • Convenience: All tax-related tasks handled for you, reducing your workload.

  1. Handling Different Tax Jurisdictions

Atto Payroll caters to businesses with diverse tax jurisdictions:

  • Support for Multiple Tax Jurisdictions: We handle federal, state, and local tax processing. Complex tax calculations, such as garnishments and child support payments, are also supported.

  • Automated Tax Filings and Payments: Atto automates tax calculations, filing, and payments, ensuring compliance with tax authorities.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Our software provides various payroll reports for efficient tracking of costs, compliance, and employee data.

  1. Ensuring Compliance with Tax Laws

We take compliance with local, state, and federal payroll tax laws seriously:

  • Staying Informed: Atto maintains a team of tax experts who monitor the latest tax laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

  • Automated Tax Calculations: We use automated tax calculations to guarantee accurate tax withholding from employee paychecks.

  • Timely Tax Filings: Atto ensures on-time tax filings to avoid penalties and interest.

  • Comprehensive Tax Reports: Detailed tax reports help businesses track compliance and identify potential issues.

  1. Generating Payroll Tax Forms

Atto Payroll simplifies the process of generating payroll tax forms:

  • W-2 and 1099 Forms: Atto generates W-2s for employees and 1099s for contractors. Electronic filing options save time and effort.

  • Additional Forms: Our software handles various payroll tax forms, including 940, 941, W-4, State Withholding Returns, State Unemployment/State Wage Detail Returns, and Local Returns.

  1. Managing Deductions, Benefits, and Garnishments

Atto offers flexible options for managing deductions, benefits, and garnishments:


  • Pre-tax Deductions: Deductions taken before tax calculation, such as health insurance premiums, 401(k) contributions, and child support payments.

  • Post-tax Deductions: Deductions taken after tax calculation, including union dues, parking fees, and charitable contributions.


Atto assists in processing court-ordered garnishments, such as child support, student loans, and back taxes, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

With Atto Payroll, you can customize deductions, benefits, and garnishments to suit your specific payroll needs. Our comprehensive payroll management system is designed to simplify your payroll processes, save you time, and help you stay compliant with tax laws.

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