Required Data for the Onboarding Process

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During the onboarding process, you'll need to provide specific data to complete the setup of your payroll with Atto Payroll. This data is essential for verifying your company's eligibility and ensuring accurate payroll processing. Here are the key categories of information and where you can typically find them:

  1. Company Information Data:

  • Company legal details: Obtain from your official business documentation.

  • FEIN & State ID(s): Typically available on official tax documents.

  • Signatory details: Information about authorized signatories.

  • Company industry: Your primary business sector.

  • Expected start date: Your planned payroll start date.

  • Pay schedule: Determine your preferred pay frequency.

  1. Master File & Payroll Data:

  • Employee Data: Gather from your HR systems or employee records.

  • YTD Payroll Data (if applicable): Retrieve from your previous payroll records.

  • Quarterly Returns (if applicable): Access from your previous payroll tax filings.

  1. Authorization Data:

  • Company & Employee Banking: Collect the necessary banking details from your company's financial records and employees.

  • Employee/Employer withholding, post-tax deductions, and benefits information: Review and confirm these details from your payroll or HR records.

  • Company authorization and filing forms (federal & state): Ensure you have the required authorization forms ready for submission.

Please note that the specific sources of these data may vary depending on your company's record-keeping practices and the information's availability. Accurate and complete data submission is essential to facilitate a smooth onboarding and approval process with Atto Payroll. If you have any questions about where to find specific information or need further guidance, our support team is here to assist you.

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