Payroll Funding and Direct Deposit Processing Speed

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Funding timing in Atto Payroll is a critical aspect that ensures your employees receive their payments on time. The funding window is determined by the terms and conditions established by your company, and Atto offers two primary processing options: 2-day processing and 4-day processing.

4-Day Processing:

  • 4-day processing is the default for any new businesses or companies that have not run payroll before. This processing timeline will also apply to contractor only businesses that have no W2 employees.

  • For instance, if your payday falls on a Friday, you need to approve your payroll by the preceding Monday for it to be processed on time.

2-Day Processing:

  • With 2-day processing, Atto expedites your payroll, completing it within two business days. This is the default processing period for any existing businesses that have run payroll in the past.

  • If your payday is on a Friday, you must approve your payroll by the preceding Wednesday to ensure timely processing.

When can Employee Expect Their Direct Deposit:

Ensuring you receive your paycheck on time is important. Most direct deposits hit your account early on your scheduled payday, typically before 9:00 am local time. However, the exact timing can vary slightly depending on your bank's processing procedures.

Keep in mind: Banking holidays can occasionally cause a delay in the usual deposit timeframe.

To upgrade from 4-day to 2-day processing, your business has two options:

  1. Process payroll uninterrupted for at least ten consecutive times with no insufficient funding issues.

  2. Submit 2 months of bank statements showing a balance that would cover expected payroll expenses.

If your business meets these criteria and you're interested in the quicker 2-day processing option, please contact Atto support to enable it for your account.

Payroll Funding

Funding for payroll will be collected the day after the payroll approval deadline. It's vital to emphasize that adhering to the funding timing and ensuring that funds are available as per the agreed terms is essential to guarantee timely and accurate payment to your employees. In cases where the necessary funds are not received within the specified timeline, we may temporarily halt payroll processing until the funds are secured. Failure to fund the payroll within the designated period may result in the file being canceled, necessitating wiring funds or a rerun when funding becomes available.

For any further questions or clarification regarding funding timing or processing options, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. We're here to assist you in providing smooth and timely payroll services.

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