What Atto Does as a Payroll Provider

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Atto serves as your trusted payroll provider and offers the following services:

  • Process employee hours, cut checks, directly deposit funds, and ensure that employees are paid correctly and on time each payday.

  • Provide comprehensive tax support, including:

    • Tax calculations for employees and employers.

    • Tax remittance.

    • Creation and filing of quarterly and annual returns.

    • Compliance with federal, state, and local wage laws.

How It Works:

Our payroll system operates seamlessly through the following steps:

  1. Employee Input: Employees complete their pay period by tracking their worked hours in Atto.

  2. Employer Approval: Employers review and approve payroll, including inputs and outputs calculations, for the pay period in Atto.

  3. Payroll Processing: Atto receives the approved payroll data, processes the payroll, and sends funds to employees on payday.

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