Clocking In/Out for Other Team Members in Atto

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Account admins and managers have the privilege of clocking in/out on behalf of another team member. This functionality is particularly useful in situations where a team member is unable to clock in or out themselves, such as when they are absent from work or experiencing technical difficulties.


  1. Go to the "Activity" page.
  2. Locate the specific team member you want to clock in/out for from the list of available options.
  3. Observe the team member's current status and select the corresponding button:
    • If the team member is not currently clocked in, click on the "Clock In" button to initiate their time tracking.
    • If the team member is currently clocked in, click on the "Clock Out" button to finalize their time tracking for the day or shift.
  4. Upon clicking the relevant button, the team member's clock-in/out action will be processed.

Important Note

When an admin or manager clocks in/out on behalf of another team member, the team member's location data will not be recorded. Instead, the admin or manager will be identified as the individual responsible for the manual clock-in/out action.

By utilizing Atto's convenient clock-in/out on behalf feature, admins and managers can maintain smooth time tracking processes, promote team efficiency, and ensure accurate data for payroll and reporting purposes.

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