Tracking Paid and Unpaid Breaks

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If you allow your team members to take multiple breaks throughout the day and need to categorize them as paid or unpaid, you can utilize Custom Break Rules within your account's settings.

Setting Up Custom Break Rules

  1. Go to Settings > Break Preferences.
  2. Under "Break Rule," select "Custom".
  3. Click on "Add New Break Type".
  4. Enter the break name, such as "Lunch Break" or "Paid Rest Break".
  5. Indicate whether the break type is "Paid" or "Unpaid".
  6. Click on "Add Break Type" to save the new break type.

Applying Custom Break Rules

Once custom break preferences are established, team members will be prompted to select the appropriate break type when initiating a break while on the clock in the Time Clock page. The selected break type will be reflected in their timesheets. Additionally, depending on whether the break type is categorized as paid or unpaid, the corresponding hours will be accurately classified in the Timesheet Overview.

Benefits of Custom Break Rules

Custom Break Rules offer several advantages, including:

  • Enhanced Break Categorization: Accurately categorize breaks into paid and unpaid categories, allowing for better payroll processing and cost analysis.
  • Improved Timesheet Accuracy: Ensure that timesheets accurately reflect the nature of breaks taken, providing a clear overview of work hours and break durations.
  • Streamlined Break Tracking: Simplify the break tracking process for team members by providing clear break type options.

By implementing Custom Break Rules, you can effectively manage paid and unpaid breaks, ensuring accurate time tracking and improved payroll management.

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