Setting Break Tracking Preferences

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Atto provides four distinct break tracking preferences to accommodate your company’s needs, each designed to offer flexibility and ensure accurate timesheet records.

Summary of Break Tracking Types:

  • Manual Break Tracking: Team members manually log their break time.

  • Automatic Break Tracking: Break time is automatically deducted from daily work hours.

  • Custom Break Tracking: Allows for multiple, categorized breaks within a day.

  • Advanced Break Tracking: Combines automatic deductions with custom rules for various break types.

Detailed Break Tracking Processes:

  1. Manual Break Tracking:

    • Ideal for companies where break times vary.

    • Team members press 'Start Break' and 'End Break' on their app.

    • Admins set breaks as paid or unpaid in settings, reflecting company policy.

  2. Automatic Break Tracking:

    • Best suited for companies with standardized break times.

    • Set duration and paid status once, and Atto does the rest, deducting the specified time from each workday.

  3. Custom Break Tracking:

    • Allows for different types of breaks (e.g., lunch, coffee) with unique durations.

    • Team members select the type of break they’re taking right from their app, ensuring precision and clarity in time tracking.

  4. Advanced Break Tracking:

    • Combines the best of both automatic and manual tracking.

    • Set rules for automatic deductions, but also allow team members to log different break types, accommodating varied break schedules.

How to Set Your Break Preferences:

  • In your Atto app, tap on 'Settings' and choose 'Break Preferences'.

  • Pick the tracking method that aligns with your operational needs.

  • Customize the details: for manual and custom options, decide which breaks are paid; for automatic and advanced, set your deduction rules.

  • Confirm your settings to activate them.

Choosing Your Break Tracking Method:

The right tracking option depends on your team's break habits and your administrative preferences. Consider the nature of work, the consistency of break times, and whether breaks are standardized or vary day-to-day. Your chosen method should simplify the process for both employees and admins, ensuring accurate and hassle-free logging of work hours.

Benefits of Effective Break Management with Atto:

  • Ensures compliance with labor laws regarding break times.

  • Enhances payroll accuracy by distinguishing between paid and unpaid break times.

  • Improves workforce management and productivity monitoring.

By understanding and utilizing Atto’s break tracking options, you can maintain an organized and compliant record-keeping system, contributing to a well-managed and efficient workplace.

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