How to Add Team Member's Pay Rates

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Efficient pay rate management is key to accurate payroll and transparent employee compensation. Atto's system is designed for ease of use, allowing you to set both default and job-specific pay rates with precision. Below, we've refined the instructions to include additional functionalities for a comprehensive overview.

Setting Up Pay Rates Efficiently:

  1. Access Pay Rate Settings: In Atto, go to 'Settings' > 'Pay Rate'.

  2. For Default Rates:

    • Select a team member and enable "Pay Rate".

    • Click '+ Add default Pay rate', enter the hourly rate and effective date, and click 'Add Pay Rate'.

    • A list of all added Pay Rates for that user will be displayed, showing hourly rates and effective dates for complete visibility.

  3. For Job-Specific Pay Rates:

  • Choose 'Add Job Pay Rate', select a job code, specify the hourly rate and start date, and finalize by clicking 'Add Pay Rate'.

  • This rate will apply to all timesheet entries from the effective date forward, ensuring accurate pay for job-specific tasks.

  • A list of all Job Pay Rates for that user, including the Job Code name, hourly rates, and effective dates, promoting full transparency and ease of management.

Editing and Deleting Pay Rates:

  • For Both Default and Job Pay Rates: If adjustments are needed, you can easily edit or delete any pay rate. Simply click on the specific pay rate you wish to change.

    • To Edit: Modify the details as necessary and click 'Save' to update.

    • To Delete: Select 'Delete Pay Rate' or 'Delete Job Pay Rate' accordingly to remove the rate from the system.

Benefits of Proactive Pay Rate Management:

  • Accurate Payroll Processing: Ensures each team member's compensation is precisely calculated.

  • Adaptability: Allows for timely updates in response to policy changes or contractual adjustments.

  • Transparency: Maintains clear communication with your team about their compensation structure.

By following these steps, you gain control over your organization's payroll practices, ensuring accuracy, adaptability, and transparency. Atto's pay rate management system is built to accommodate the dynamic nature of workforce compensation, providing the tools you need to efficiently oversee and adjust pay rates as your business evolves.

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