Calculating Estimated Total Pay

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Leverage Atto's estimated total pay to ensure your payroll is as accurate as your team’s time tracking. This straightforward feature calculates potential payroll, equipping you with foresight for financial planning.

Understanding Estimated Total Pay Calculation:

Atto factors in the essentials:

  • Hourly Rates: What each team member earns per hour.

  • Worked Hours: The total hours logged.

  • Effective Date: When the pay rate kicks in.

  • Overtime Considerations: Includes overtime eligibility and rates.

  • Breaks & Time Off: Distinguishes between paid and unpaid time.

Accessing Estimated Pay Insights:

For Management Roles: View the team’s estimated pay in the 'Reports' tab or in downloadable PDF reports.

For Individual Team Members: Employees check their own estimated earnings in the 'Reports' tab, accessible via mobile or web.


  • Budgeting Made Easy: Preview your payroll expenses for better financial planning.

  • Error Reduction: Cut down on payroll miscalculations with a clear estimate.

  • Process Efficiency: Minimize manual calculation needs, enhancing workflow.

Atto's estimated pay feature is more than just a number—it's a strategic tool that informs your financial decisions and supports fair and transparent payroll practices.

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